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Flutes vocals pads :
Paul Cheneour
Tabla percussion water phone vocals strings:
Ansuman Biswas
Oboe cor anglais:
Maureen Wolloshin
Alistair Zaldua
Release Date:
Recorded at:
Landmark Centre & Badgers Studios
Dave Robinson & Paul Cheneour
Marcus Bishop Quantumleap Studios
Marcus Bishop Quantumleap Studios
Paul Cheneour/Marcus Bishop
Alice Bryant

Steve Bridgland special guest guitar on tracks 9,10 & 11


Paul and Ansuman have been playing together since 1996. Each following their paths weaving together contemplative practices and inspirational music. Throughout their journeys they have maintained a devotion to performance live in the moment, responding to place and time through spontaneous improvisation. They are joined by Maureen Wolloshin Oboe/ Cor Anglais and Alistair Zaldua Violin, in this expanded  quartet collaboration.

Together they create music that has flavours from many cultures, it’s a fusion that can be described as ‘Radical Ambient’, mixing unusual and sometimes challenging soundscapes with soothing, sensitive, meditative hypnotic lyrical passages, stimulating imagination, and weaving together feelings of wild tension and gentle release. They are painting on a large musical canvass, co-created by the audience, that resonates as much in an art gallery as it does in a yoga studio, jazz club or concert hall.

This is music full of ‘whereness’.  – (from Ansuman) http://www.ansuman.com/home.html

Everything in the Universe is in motion. The fundamental vibration at the root of life is music. Sound and music lead us to resonate directly, unifying us once more!
Listen for the ‘Sound within the Silence and the Silence within the Sound’ (PC quote). Be still enough and hear so intently that you enter the longed-for other world. When you fall into that place there is only ecstatic music.

Paul Cheneour and Ansuman Biswas are well-known professional musicians/artists,  To enable this music to flow effortlessly, they have, followed deep personal meditation practices (Vipassana for Ansuman and Transmission & Sufi meditation for Paul) through which a stillness is created within themselves, so that what they hear IS revealed to all, directly to the heart. The audience is a crucial element in co-creating the music.

Maureen Wolloshin is a British-Russian improviser, composer, researcher, and oboist. Her researching social journeys of the contemporary female improvising musician in Britain. Investigating gender, social construct, emotion and instrument as barriers and facilitators. She performs with the Free Range Orchestra in Canterbury and Trio CZW. As a composer, Maureen is interested in the relationship between sound, colour, touch, and improvisation and combines watercolour graphic score making with practices derived from Scottish piobaireachd and Arabic music. https://www.maureenwolloshin.com/music

Alistair Zaldua is a composer of contemporary, experimental, and improvised music and has written work for chamber, orchestral, solo forces, and live electronics. He currently leads the Free-Range Orchestra, performs work for organ and live electronics with Lauren Redhead, and with Trio CZW.  http://www.alistair-zaldua.de/

From pure sensation to the intuition of beauty, from pleasure and pain to love and the mystical ecstasy and death — all the things that are fundamental, all the things that to the human spirit are most profoundly significant, can only be experienced, not expressed. The rest is always and everywhere silence.

After silence that which comes nearest to expressing the inexpressible is music.
Aldous Huxley

  • 1. sensing

  • 2. blurred edges

  • 3. boundaries

  • 4. transition

  • 5. enter the circle

  • 6. sakina

  • 7. tumbling

  • 8. lamenting innocence

  • 9. unknown forest

  • 10. long walk home

  • 11. imitation

  • 12. swarming

  • 13. shards & spaces

  • 14. whereness