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Paul Cheneour
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Recorded at:
Wellesley House, Broardstairs
David Robinson
Marcus Bishop
Quantum Leap Studio
Paul Cheneour
Russell Burden
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Dedicated to the memory of Rainer Schuelein

Way Of Waiting

A variety of solo flutes played in a huge resonant concrete chamber creating multiple sound reflections, enabling the creation of sonic shimmering notes and phrases. Circular breathing enabled long phrases to be sustained. Each piece was the first take. No editing or special effects have been added.

  • 1. Way of Waiting - A Flute

    The Silent ticking of mortality
    The shifting sands of thoughtless words
    Sharpen your senses

    Fear is not accepted here
  • 2. There is a Fragrant Passion - B Flute

    Is it time for the Great Ending?
    The turning circle is complete

    Be open to new thinking
  • 3. Stop Your weeping - C Flute

    Change every-thing and arrive at no-thing
    Listen to the language of the Birds
    Tell your stories of this duopoly game
    And remember how ‘It’ feels
  • 4. Out Across the Valley - A Flute

    The scented air wafts towards an opening
    Your soul breathes in and heaves a great sigh
    It looks at you quizzically and asks
    What are you doing?
  • 5. Freezing Sunrise - Chinese Flute

    A frost covers thoughts
    Deep snow coats your actions
    A dancing nymph embraces the water dragon
    A beautiful thawing occurs
  • 6. Blazing Nights - B Flute

    We’re strangers under the night sky
    There is fire in our souls
    We‘re beyond those two imposters, light and dark
    The time for fence sitting has gone
  • 7. Running Between the Raindrops - A Flute

    Step silently and leave no prints
    A message from water asks…
    Why do you come here?
  • 8. Uphill - C Flute

    Closed doors open
    When the heart turns towards love
    Fall towards that place where everything is music
    Savour the joy of disappointment
    And rise, like a Phoenix
  • 9. Fire Walking - B Flute

    Where have you been?
    Be still in the storm of the eye
    The Guardians of this Earth are waiting
    Waiting for your roasting!
  • 10. Clarity and Simplicity - C Flute

    Is it so difficult to loosen the knots of your robe
    And join the Matzoobs (Crazy wisdom people)
    Move beyond cleverness and trickery
    Leave your complexity behind
    ‘It is’, as ‘it is’
  • 11. Quietness - Chinese Flute

    Am I too loud?
    Shush…. too loud!
    Am I still too loud?
    Shush….Still too loud!
  • 12. Passing Over - A Flute

    The veil between worlds is gossamer thin
    Snap your fingers, and you move across
    Eternity is held in a moment
    Don’t squander your time in useless pursuits
  • 13. Watching - C Flute

    The symphony body
    Listless in summer’s heat
    Tired in winter’s chill
    Witness the rise and falling
    Am I still too loud? Shush!
  • 14. Wordless words - A Flute

    Amble, arbul, ‘orible,
    Bramble, barble, bearable,
    Canker, collapse, grimace,
    Damsel, demolition, finish
    Does my small voice still trouble you?
  • 15. Inside Solitude - C Flute

    Meandering into twilight
    Somewhere between dream and reality
    The silent tsunami of the Demolition Orchestra is
    Creating sound portraits beyond the fighting

  • 16. Turning - C Flute

    The Sandgate sadhu arrived saying there’s an
    Incomparable beauty coming and no place to hide
    We’ve been waiting for the Time Weaver
    Until then we’ll keep turning
  • 17. Equation=Delusion - C Flute

    Does Something + Nothing = Everything?
    Change every-thing and arrive at no-thing
    We’re sleepwalking our way towards
    Bullshit Bingo!!
  • 18. Torrential Skies Outside - B Flute

    Torrential rain inside
    Who are these profiteers from doom?
    The Green Dragon Society? Or
    Handmade people from Pandora’s Box?
    Am I still too loud?
    Shush….Still too loud!
  • 19. Who Looks out from my eyes? - C Flute

    Stop weaving and see how the pattern grows
    Soar like an untethered kite
    Consult the 13 Moon Calendar
    And become a gardener of beauty
  • 20. The Long Farewell - A Flute

    Meditate on smashing the system
    Keep walking Zen flutes of the west
    Be disobedient refuse the gulag of servitude
    Nasrudin says: It’s The System that’s Insane!