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Paul Cheneour
Release Date:
Recorded at:
Wellesley House, Broadstairs
David Robinson
Marcus Bishop, Quantum Leap Studios
Marcus Bishop, Quantum Leap Studios
Paul Cheneour
Russell Burden
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Dedicated to the memory of Rainer Schuelein

Way of Being

Way of Being is a continuation of the collection of sound pieces recorded at the second session in the large resonant reflective chamber. Collectively these pieces express a more reflective contemplation and subtle sense of the moment in which they were created.

  • 1. Dawn Coming - C Flute

    The Visionistas
    Are leaving by the backdoor
    Their job is done... but, only for the time being
  • 2. Mountain Mist - A Flute

    Sound portraits appear eager to fly
    Swirling around the canyons
    Wandering and waiting for no one
  • 3. Way of Being -B Flute

    We're strangers sitting here in this silent stupor
    In this back ally room of shifting sands
    Sharpen your senses, untie the knots that bind you
    And begin your road to remembrance
  • 4. The Fine Line - A Flute

    Between thoughtless words
    Nocebo (negative) and balanced simplicity
    Is... Exquisite instinct
  • 5. Fana - C Flute

    The expression of incomparable beauty in each other
    is only broken open in the dance
    Fix your gaze upon the Beloved and turn
  • 6. Call Me Again - Piccolo

    At this moment, with clear eyes
    I’m in conference with the birds
    In white robes, I was with a new sydhu
    Locked in ecstatic communion
  • 7. Inscription - C Flute

    His Infernal Slyness
    Has spoken of the Great Ending
    Hatred is no longer compulsory
    This error in time, calls for… a Jihad-Rehab
  • 8. Morning Comes - A Flute

    See how you’ve grown
    Tell us of your adventures
    How does it really feel?
    The fast train, is speeding towards a destination
    Tell us another Nasrudin Story
    Lift your heart above the cacophony
  • 9. Stand Alone - A Flute

    Stop all your nonsense
    End your slavery
    Run with the wind
    Lift your heart above the cacophony
    And shout you uniqueness into the Ear
  • 10. Shine on The Sea - B Flute

    Slash and burn
    Organise a revolution
    Wind up the World Bank
    No Corporates allowed here anymore
  • 11. Forgiveness - B Flute

    Like a Red Sky at Night
    Full of hope
    Sing Quadrilles to the stars
    With unconditional love
  • 12. Leave no trace - C Flute

    Mithra – God of Truth, off planet
    Only sees poverty in the midst of plenty
    Oh yes…And what is this farcical ‘Free Trade agenda’?
  • 13. Sounding - Piccolo

    Does Something + Nothing = Everything?
    The night gardener does not shy away
    An Imaginer in the highest realms
    Brings forth existence in a single sound
  • 14. In the Early Hours - A Flute

    Departure - Is It Time?
    Try to solve the Goldilocks Enigma
    With the Karma police
    This is just another omnishambles!
  • 15. Radiate Silently - A Flute

    Remain stylistically Neutral
    Sin palabras - (without words)
    And be that Quantum Activist
  • 16. Arrive Without Moving - A Fulte

    The Chain Man
    In the half-light
    Slips through the Zen garden and
    Meditates on the expression of self
  • 17. Into the unknown - A Flute

    Beyond the beyond
    Enter a tea shop at noon, where
    Harry the Headache is celebrating
    Only Courtesy Kindness & Consideration
    Are the means of exchange here!