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Paul Cheneour
Zhuyang Liu
Release Date:
Recorded at:
Quantumleap Studios Studios
Marcus Bishop & Marcus Kurzo Bishop
Quantumleap studios Marcus Bishop & Marcus Kurzo Bishop
Quantumleap studios Marcus Bishop
Russell Burden

To Northstarmusic publishing for requesting this wonderful album

Water Dragon Temple

A group of intrepid pilgrims, purging their impurities, are setting out on a quest to discover the Water Dragon Temple deep in the hinterland of an ancient region of old China. They believe the forest path near the tea house is the start point for this illustrious calling. Armed with essential materials, blue butterflies, and spring lanterns they pass waterfalls, stepping lightly through the dawn mist near the rainbow windmill. Watched only by the unseen owls they follow the meandering silver river. Suddenly they hear the call and now seeing with clear eyes finally arrive at a willing surrender, celebrating their achievement together by flying carp kites towards the paper moon.

Paul Cheneour and Zhuyang Liu agreed to this great musical collaboration request at the Quantumleap Studios having only recently been introduced. They began playing with a symbiosis and an empathy that is rarely encountered today. Together they have created an album full of colour, dynamism, and expression with a rich tapestry of sounds that illuminates both outer and inner magical landscapes.
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  • 1. Water Dragon Temple

  • 2. Forest Path

  • 3. Spring Lanterns

  • 4. Tea House

  • 5. Blue Butterfly

  • 6. Silver River

  • 7. Paper Moon

  • 8. Dawn Mist

  • 9. Unseen Owls

  • 10. Contemplation

  • 11. Water Falls

  • 12. Stepping Lightly

  • 13. Clear Eyes

  • 14. A Lost Beauty

  • 15. Carp Kites

  • 16. Rainbow Windmill

  • 17. Hear the Call

  • 18. Willing Surrender