Zen Bicycle Band -Essence

Recorded at 2 live performances in Kent. What is The Zen Bicycle Band music?  It’s a freeform flowing stream of connectivity between three individual players created entirely spontaneous in a similar manner to the Japanese art of calligraphy Shodo –…

Cybajaz- The devil is an idiot

“Jazz, beats and worldwide influence beautifully melt together to form a pulsating 50mins. A future classic”. DJ Mag Head-on collision between classic Aphex ambient, down-beat darkness, North African atmospheres, silky drum ‘n’ bass, and cinematic undertones” WAX

This Being Human

Poems and stories by Jelaluddin Rumi (1207-1273) with music created spontaneously, from translations by Colman Barks. MP3 Download.

The Time Has Come

Solo Flutes recorded in 1994 in the same resonant space as ‘Way of Waiting’ and ‘Way of Being’ in 2014, 20 years later.