Way of Being

Way of Being is a continuation of the collection of sound pieces recorded at the second session in the large resonant reflective chamber. Collectively these pieces express a more reflective contemplation and subtle sense of the moment in which they were created.

Way Of Waiting

A variety of solo flutes played in a huge resonant concrete chamber creating multiple sound reflections, enabling the creation of sonic shimmering notes and phrases. Circular breathing enabled long phrases to be sustained. Each piece was the first take. No editing or…

Zen Bicycle Band – Road Trip

Zen Bicycle Band CD review in the June-July 2016 issue of NEXUS MAGAZINE: Road Trip features a free-form style of jazz, all the tracks recorded live and spontaneously. When on stage, the band members connect with their audience, drawing on…

Heart of Gold

Although similar in form, these tracks are not Indian ragas or in a style of Indian classical music. Cheneour has said: “all my own recording work is done spontaneously, I’m not trying to copy anyone, just being authentic to myself. The music and…

Flames of Love

Flames of Love: CD review in the June-July 2016 issue of NEXUS Magazine: These two are modern masters, collaborating in an exploration of Indian music that blends European flutes with traditional percussion. Paul Cheneour finds a beautiful tone in his instruments,…

Zen Bicycle Band – In Your Head

There is a Japanese visual art in which the artist must be spontaneous called Shodo or Shoji, which translates as “Direct Deed”. The artist paints on a thin stretched parchment with a special brush using only black water paint, in…

In the Slipstream

In the slipstream Out across the valley Walking through rain Fragrant passion wafts In this Half light No Arriving, No Leaving.

Vacances et Passion

The Giants are having a naughty weekend by the seaside, hold your ear to the wall and listen, will you believe what you hear?  A musical soundscape, performed in real time, featuring a collection of very unusual instruments.

Sound Sculptures

Using a range of flutes and vocals to create music exploring the acoustics and vibrations of the cavernous depths of Walmer Castle for the Transmette/Transmit exhibition.

Space and Time

A Jazzy-Funky fusion of eclectic flutes, vocals, pulses and beats.  Relax, let the music wash over you and drink in the sounds, your heart and soul will really thank you!