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Flutes, Piano, Vocals, Perc, Pads:
Paul Cheneour
Chants, Perc:
Marcus Bishop
Sonic Drones:
Russell Burden
Sam Bailey
Randolph Mathews
Release Date:
Recorded at:
Quantumleap Studios and Rimshot Studios
Marcus Bishop & Mike Thorn
Quantumleap studios
Quantumleap studios
Paul Cheneour/Marcus Bishop
Russell Burden

To everyone who added the gifts of their music to this project

Night Mist

This Night Mist album whispers a timeless story. We look on silently witnessing an epic journey of a small band of intrepid travellers on their mystical path towards self-realisation. Appearing out of the night mist in a grand ceremonial procession. Knowing there are many trials to overcome before enlightenment. Being cleansed by fire and water, solving the puzzle of asking the right question, to the loss of ego under the willow shadow, then on to grand celebrations in the red castle. Seeing fairies and magic folk rejoicing and dancing by the lakeside, and being reminded that we are all envoys with a mission of one sort or another, then falling into a beautiful silence before the clans gather to finally bring about an end to sorrows.

The Night Mist theme appeared to me in 1983 and has only now in 2022 found a musical home. I am also very grateful for those who have been gracious in giving their musical and artistic gifts that has enabled this project to reach fruition, I thank you all.

  • 1. Night Mist

    Night mist
    Has secrets
    Memories of forgotten deeds
    Yearning to be heard
    Catch those whispers
    Before they disappear
  • 2. Ceremonial Procession

    Ceremonial Procession
    Moving slowly forward
    In unity
  • 3. Watching

    Fire cleans the body
    Softened by the intermediary
    Of water
  • 4. The Seer

    The Seer
    Remains silent
    Waiting for the right
  • 5. Willow Shadow

    Willow Shadow
    Meets sunlight on the ground
    Diffused by the fountain
    I am a raggedy nothing
  • 6. Red Castle

    Red Castle
    Entertains guests
    With wine music
    And hidden delights
  • 7. Lakeside

    Lilies stretching out across
    Carpets of fire
    Enticing fairies to dance
  • 8. Envoy’s Path

    Envoy’s Path
    Is a road
    Towards reconciliation
  • 9. When We Were Silent

    When We Were Silent
    A warm embrace
    A loving smile
    A gentle touch
    So many ways
    To show compassion
  • 10. Gathering Clans

    Gathering Clans
    Coming together
    In a sacred space
  • 11. End of Sorrows

    The End of Sorrows
    An unexpected gift arrives
    Filling you with tenderness