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Paul Cheneour
Richard Bundy
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Rhythms in Rain Studios
Richard Bundy
Marcus Bishop, Quantum Leap Studios
Marcus Bishop, Quantum Leap Studios
Paul Cheneour
Russell Burden
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Two masters listen intently to each other in pure delight. Their music demands your attention from the shear sensitivity of their interaction. Dark steel sea bends, rests. The voice of change. Within silence sound has a home, lifting upon spume, under wing of gull and cormorant, flight. And then falls as flutes, a velvet hammer. Sculpting the birth of time, painting the space, moving heart and whispering spells. Nets cast to catch the wayward dawn, to hold for a moment the wild and vicious day. And what remains upon a stained sky? What residue is hung Jewel-like upon check and lash? The colour green reminds me of the gods that left. Now, let us call them hither.

  • 1. Green

    Between the lines drawn in the sand
    Hear softly the call
    Turn your face towards the sun
    Forget the grains of time passing
  • 2. Season

    A continuous movement adding flavour
    Turning churning stirring something new
    Moving through lives barely noticed fragments
    Simmering in this pot our enrichment
  • 3. Cork Tree

    Expands with fire
    Keeps wine imprisoned
    Drinks only sunlight and rain
    Dances in its own delight
  • 4. Paradiso

    Enter a grey town
    Turn a cobbled corner
    A sudden image flashes
    A memory jolted
    Have I played here before?
  • 5. Tranquility

    Tried to find you amongst the screams
    Were you hiding?
    I looked in all the wrong places
    You sat beside me all along
  • 6. Warm Heart

    Savours each moment
    Tracing paths in time
    Races with anxiety
    Wards off darkness
    Only has love
  • 7. Fair Trade

    What are we trading today?
    Don’t use a proxy means of exchange
    Step lightly on the bridge that joins us
    This trade must be fair
  • 8. Shinning Lights

    Lying here on the beach looking up
    Face turned towards the beyond
    Aware of this spiral trajectory
    A glistening essence touches me
  • 9. Forever Faithful

    Each time I arrive here, a new body
    A new life, a new learning
    Being separated from the ocean is pain
    Trying always to be true
    This is all I can do, over and over and over
  • 10. Run with the Wind

    A child of the land knows no bounds
    No restrictions, no fear of fun
    Run I say, run towards yourself
    Feet not touching the ground
    A sublime revelation is coming