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Vocals, strings, piano, percussion, pads, guitars, synths, :
Richard Navarro
Flutes, piano, percussion:
Paul Cheneour
Release Date:
Recorded at:
Canterbury studios
Richard Navarro
Quantumleap studios
Quantumleap studios
Richard Navarro/Paul Cheneour
Greg Stobbs

Dragonfly – Dreamsailors

Dragonfly is an album collaboration between Richard Navarro and Paul Cheneour of 15 tracks written and produced together over a period of 2 years.
We began with four spontaneous chords on the piano and the music grew organically from that moment to the album we are presenting here. It led us in all sorts of directions encompassing topics of the time including, environment, our  health and well being and where we are heading collectively.

Richard remarked, “It’s been a total joy to work with Paul on this project, sparking ideas together, basking in his talents for words and music and crafting our best possible sounds”. Late in the recording process, Richard experienced a lucid dream inspired by the music which he then transcribed into verse and created as an 8-episode podcast called ‘Tingbao’. We set sail into Tingbao’s dream world, the boy hero of the story, discovering his search for a song lost in time. ) narrated by Cass XuXin 

In October ’21, The Dreamsailors band presented the first live performance of Dragonfly at the Malthouse Theatre for Canterbury festival to a wonderful reception.
Our thanks for: artwork Greg Stobbs, animation from Sophia Ppali,  vocals/narration Cass XuXin, drums Toby Evangelou and Bass, ‘cello, ukulele, guitars Nicholas Thurston .


  • 1. At the Break of Day

  • 2. Small Wonder

  • 3. Green Water

  • 4. Elysium

  • 5. Dragonfly

  • 6. Mulberries

  • 7. Songbie

  • 8. On the Edge of the Wind

  • 9. Light as the Willow

  • 10. Sails

  • 11. How to Dance

  • 12. Swimming

  • 13. Tingbao

  • 14. Stand Alone

  • 15. Night Gardener