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Flutes, Duduk, Neys, Zorna & Vocals:
Max Height (Paul Cheneour)
Keys, programming, pads & percussion:
Mo_Min_Ti (Dave Robinson)
Release Date:
Recorded at:
Vinoteq wine and Jazz bar Dover UK
Dave Robinson
Quantumleap studios Marcus Bishop
Quantumleap studios Marcus Bishop
Paul Cheneour/Marcus Bishop
Russell Burden
the Disc Factory:
Published :
Northstarmusic Publishing UK

To everyone supporting this wonderful musical adventure

A Moment In Time

Mo_Min_Ti and Max Height two spontaneous music making masters on a quest to discover what a moment in time means. Together they weave a tapestry of fantastic magical musical tales ranging from intrigue and suspense to soft luxuriant chillout transporting the audience to another world that is so real you can almost smell the roses. The fluidity of their rhythmic and melodic lines and complementary interactions only become this eloquent after years of playing together.

Album is available from: http://www.redgoldmusic.com

  • 1. A Moment In Time

  • 2. Here and Now

  • 3. Stepping Forward

  • 4. Releasing

  • 5. Diga Daga Dum

  • 6. In Both Worlds

  • 7. Animation

  • 8. Into the Clearing

  • 9. Adapting

  • 10. Adopting

  • 11. Improvement

  • 12. Invocation

  • 13. Reboot